Silver Glen Springs, Ocala National Forest, FL

Of the many stops in Florida parks this year, Silver Springs had provided a balance with space for recreation and relaxing for people, on the water and on land. The waters even at the edge had been cold to the touch, despite the hot weather. From the birds to  random roaming turtle, the wildlife had managed to navigate around all the foot traffic. The onshore springs have their own character despite being small in area. The posted park hours had been  8 am – 8 pm and stayed open despite the afternoon thunderstorms. Once parked, access to the grounds had taken about 5 minutes to reach anything you wanted to see. Like the first image below, the striking characteristic of the park had been the wide open space. Regardless of the beauty, this park like others have a share of nature that requires a healthy respect.  An Altamonte Springs, Florida man had recently drowned there, yet, being frequent visitor and a seasoned free diver.







For more information:

Silver Glen Springs, FL

23-Year old Altamonte Springs had died while diving in Silver Glen Springs.

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