Honeymoon Island State Park – Dunedin, Florida

Just north of St. Petersburg, Florida and south 7 miles of Tarpon Springs, Florida had been Honeymoon Island State Park. Amongst all the state parks this year, despite the traffic, it had been a uniquely calming experience. Perhaps that had been because of the lack of real waves on  the waters on this sandy shore. One immediate thing that had been pronounced, the rocky nature of the sea floor close to the water’s edge. Additionally, what had been also unique, how shallow the Gulf waters had been for good bit out (i.e. 100 yards+). This island had been part of a larger “barrier island” until a storm back in 1921. It had then been split into Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island. If you had been trying to drive to Caladesi Island via GPS, not possible. One must had taken a ferry from Honeymoon Island for transporting to Caladesi Island, The park had some short hiking trails with warning signage regarding rattlesnakes. With that in mind, I had gravitated to the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico for balance of my visit.















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Cape Canaveral Seashore – Titusville, FL

As a native Floridian, Cape Canaveral Seashore had stood out as the best beach from Central East to North East portion of the state. Avoiding the sediment of the St. John’s River Delta, the waters had been relatively clear, in spite of the turbulent surf. The beach sand had been a mix of fine and semi coarse deposits complimenting the aquamarine colored seas. The high salienty of the water had provided extra buoyancy to ease swimming or trending water. Despite the allure of the ocean, I had taken notice of the multiple riptide warnings. Canavarel Shores reputation’s for rip currents had been well deserved. This observation I had spoken from experience being a novice open water swimmer.


Another great aspect of this park had been the abundance of wildlife. Just off Site 1, I had seen jellyfish, dead baby shark,  turtle nests, turkey buzzards, crows, a turtle shell and pelicans. With the end of the summer approaching, I had suggested this beach above Daytona, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Emily Island beaches. In closing, I would had been remiss to avoid mentioning areas including Site 13.  With multiple public postings to the contrary, just around this area and north had been an area for nude sun bathers. With respect to Site 1 and Site 2, I had seen nothing  remotely approaching inappropriate for family outing. Before driving out, be sure to check Kennedy Space Center (Nasa) Launch Schedule. In advance of scheduled launches, Cape Canaveral Seashore had been closed at a minimum a week. For those in the greater Orlando area, the commute had been 1.5 hours to park. Parking had been limited across all the various sites. If you had planned to visit, go early.









Parks hours: Monday – Sunday, 6AM-6PM less any closings for NASA’s launches.

Standard vehicle entrance fee $5

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